Jill Holly Beason Counselling Profile Pi

About me

I am a Counsellor working with Clients since 2015 and have 25 years experience in the public sector building supportive relationships.

I have a special interest in NeuroDivergence.  I am ADHD myself and this insight helps me understand the challenges faced when NeuroTypical and NeuroDivergent worlds collide.  I am NeuroDiversity Affirming which means I see advantages and disadvantages for all Braintypes.

My strengths are my warmth, my ability to engage genuinely without a facade or pretence and an honesty in exploring delicate issues sympathetically.  I am very open minded and work hard to help clients understand they are important to me in this caring Therapeutic Relationship.

I studied Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy at Warwick University and am committed to continuous Professional Development.  Most recently this has evolved with Creative and Expressive Therapies alongside previous training in Trauma work, Bereavement and Family/Parenting work.

My passion is speaking up about NeuroDivergence and I write about this in a very raw, honest Blog.