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About Counselling

Some people say the healing process starts the moment they feel they are heard. Talking things through allows you to completely focus your attention on your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Counselling provides a space where you are able to explore and be yourself without judgement or being told what you should do.  I do not tell you what is right for you, but help you gather your thoughts to trust yourself.

All of us are unique individuals and as such, my approach is different for each person. Sometimes we will explore and look at past behaviours & patterns and how they affect the present time. Sometimes it is helpful to look at Strategies and PschoEducation. You choose what to bring and what you want from Counselling.  There is no pressure for you to share anything you do not wish to.  

My aim, as your Therapist, is to work alongside you whilst guiding and helping you to find your own solutions.

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