My Services


Counselling allows you that free space to explore anything you feel you wish to share.  For some this is to raise self awareness or to battle with feelings you find difficult.  It is my job to establish an open relationship in which we can do this.  I work with you in a way that fits what you need and we can discuss this together whether it is through talking, expression through creative medium or advice/guidance.  I am fairly direct but hopefully with gentle respect.


Family Support

Family relationships can be difficult as we all see the world differently.  I offer Family Support focussing on barriers to understanding each other.  I work with parents and young people to explore each other's needs and how best to meet these.  I am a Family Links Facilitator and work within nurturing principles to increase communication. I explore different language styles that can arise when family members are Neurodivergent.

ADHD and Autism Psychoeducation

I work with Clients who wish to better understand different  Brains.  So much is shared about NeuroTypical Brains but I focus on the gaps in knowledge.  My own ADHD helps me to understand the different styles of language and this, along with my Client's own unique internal world, helps us to raise self awareness without the judgement and shame that can often arise as our colourful NeuroDivergent brains clash with the NeuroTypical world.


Relationship Counselling

Relationships can struggle and cause tension at varying times in our lives.  We change and sometimes that change is unwelcomed by others.  Relationship counselling works with those in the relationship to explore how you communicate, what you need and how you cope with life together.  Counselling can also offer support to decide how a relationship ends, as peacefully and respectfully as possible.

Relationships come in many forms and I hope you can explore any issues relevant to you without fear of judgement from me.